Full-time C# Unity Programmer (UK-Based)

SUMMARY: Full-time programming position in Unity, targeting PC/Mac/Linux with console ports to follow, and with a duration of approximately 12 months with the possibility to extend. We are a UK-based remote working studio with the opportunity to co-work regularly together at London Indie co-working and at our Essex based studio. Work starts on or around November 1st.

Semaeopus works with a diverse set of collaborators and applicants from underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

A bit about the game:

Off Grid is a 3rd-person stealth and hacking game where data is your most powerful weapon. Off Grid forgoes weapons in favour of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and problem solving. The contemporary storyline follows real-world events surrounding data privacy, and the gameplay utilises unique mechanics that allow you to manipulate the world and people around you with the data they unwittingly leave behind. Off Grid's a stealth game where the player can truly hack and manipulate objects in the environment, and it is extensively moddable.

Players, modders, and hackers are able to use the game tools to create their own hackable objects, hacking tools and of course new and interesting levels with stories about surveillance, hacking and the internet of things.

The full job description:

Semaeopus is looking for a programmer with a strong technical background and Unity experience to join us on our upcoming stealth hacking game, Off Grid.

Our perfect candidate is someone with a confidence working with moddable and data driven systems, and who's willing to think creatively in their approach to programming. You'll be touching nearly all aspects of the game code, including AI, graphics, gameplay, performance and benchmarking, platform compatibility, tools, and most importantly, our modding systems.





Terms and benefits

About Semaeopus

Semaeopus Ltd. is a startup indie games studio founded primarily for the purpose of making Off Grid, as well as other relevant, fun and challenging games like it in the future. Our intentions lean toward making games that are thematically or mechanically "meaningful", allowing players to interrogate important issues within the space of innovative gaming experiences.

The game is currently in a pre-alpha stage, with release pencilled in for summer 2018.

Our monthly sprint dev blogs provide more information on technical developments within the game.

You can read a bit of the technical detail on how we have implemented modding in Off Grid on our work-in-progress Off Grid wiki.

While our focus is on development of Off Grid, we do a fair amount of community engagement around the crypto, internet freedom and hacking communities as part of making sure we are covering the relevant themes in a sympathetic way to how they are being engaged with by people on the front line. This includes presenting and demoing at non-game internet/tech events such as Mozfest, taking part in the Open Rights Group's hackdays, teaching cryptography as mentors at cryptoparties, and demoing and hanging out with our friends at hackercamps and conferences like CCC and SHA.

If you are interested in speaking we often get invited to present and speak at games and tech events and so can make opportunities for team members to develop this skillset. If not at all interested then this is not a requirement either!


Please send:

to: contact@semaeopus.com by 25th September 2017.

Interviews to be held 2nd-6th October 2017.

We look forward to hearing from you!